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Sadley missed, but fondly remembered by all his running friends

Nigel Lloyd (Founder of Warley Woods Pacers)

Nigel is the founder of Warley Woods Pacers running club. 

Nigel's philosophy was to inspire, motivate and mentor, and share his knowledge, and experience, so that his fellow runners, could improve and go on and achieve their goals.

Nigel's Story

Running was Nigel's passion for over forty years. He would describe his running as his best friend. 

It was in 1989, that he ran his first marathon in three hours, fifty-six minutes. This was the first of eighteen marathons that he ran. The most memorable, and the most life changing would be run in 2002, as he entered the final mile, on Birdcage walk. There was a runner on the floor, and another struggling to get him back to his feet. Nigel stopped, and helped get the stricken runner back to his feet. He carried him  over that final mile to the finish line, where paramedics, quickly whisked him away.  The injured runner had suffered a fractured femur, and Nigel's heroic efforts, appeared on television and the media. He had become a ‘marathon hero.’

Nigel was the founder of the 'hangover run' in Warley Woods

Press release in the Sandwell Chronicle January 2012

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