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Warley Woods Pacers formed in 2007 to encourage local runners using the beautiful surroundings of Warley Woods to come and train together.

Nigel Lloyd, the club chairman at the time, saw so many people running alone in Warley Woods and felt that this could be more than the camaraderie from the odd runner’s greeting (brief lift of the hand to acknowledge the other runner, as you have to conserve the breath it would take to say anything for cardio exertion). 

So Nigel put posters up to announce “The Hangover Run” to take place on the 1st January 2007, thinking he would just run alone if no-one came.  But come they did and a community of runners was formed. 

Since then, the club has developed and Warley Woods Pacers is now a strong, supportive, running club with trained coaches offering running advice.  It keeps its ethos today as a really welcoming club, encouraging new runners and supporting everyone at every level.

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